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[Featured on Organic Chemistry Portal]

43. Peptide Macrocyclisation via Late-Stage Reductive Amination

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[Featured in Org. Chem. Highlights]

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LSF histidine abstract

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Suillusin graphical abstract

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29. Hitting the Sweet Spot

Nature Chemistry News & Views Highlight

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Current opinion_graphical abstract submission_final (1)

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CITU_graphical abstract

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Residue Specific modifications_Biochemistry_grpahical abstract

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Alkyne TOC

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TOC alkenylation

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AJC - Graphical abstract Transition-metal mediated protein arylation

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strain-release 2 TOC

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Decarboxylative Giese TOC

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One-Pot Ligation-oxid deselenization TOC

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Science paper TOC

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TOC strain release amination part1 Science

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TOC RAFT polymer NCL

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Graphical Abstract Oxidative Deselenization

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13. Rapid Additive-Free Selenocystine-Selenoester Peptide Ligation


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Beta-thiol Asn TOC

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B-thiol Phe TFET One-pot TOC

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Aust J Chem graphical abstract thiol AAs

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9. Recent Extensions to Native Chemical Ligation for the Chemical Synthesis of Peptides and Proteins

Graphical Abstract Curr Opin_ligation_TOC

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8. Site-Selective Solid-Phase Synthesis of a CCR5 Sulfopeptide Library to Interrogate HIV Binding and Entry

CCR5 Sulfopeptide TOC

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Chemical Science 2-thiol Trp Abstract Graphic

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6. One-Pot Peptide Ligation-Desulfurization at Glutamate

Glu lig-desulf OL TOC

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5. Peptide Ligation Chemistry at Selenol Amino Acids


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Arg TOC screenshot_edit

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B-selenol Phe TOC OL2012

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2. Self-Adjuvanting Multicomponent Cancer Vaccine Candidates Combining Per-Glycosylated MUC1 Glycopeptides and the Toll-like Receptor 2 Agonist Pam3CysSer


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Chem Comm MUC1 2010 TOC

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